Sunday, August 3, 2008

Make sure you don't get the word "super" and "perfect" confused. That would be a bold statement wouldn't it? I really chose "super" because it rhymed...but I'm sure you'll agree that it fits our family just perfectly. I like to say that I live with 3 of the cutest and bravest super heros ever!
It all started when I fell in love with and married my best friend Tony. We have been married for 12 years, but we have known each other for about...20 years. I have to add it up everytime. We fought like brother and sister when we were kids. We were high school sweethearts and were married after dating for five years (I was 19 and finished college in 4 years no matter what...or maybe in spite of what my grandmother said). I teach music and theater to 6th through 12th graders. We have two beautiful boys with another boy on the way! Since there hasn't been a girl born in the Hooper family in 95 years, we weren't surprised a bit. Tony desperately wants a little "daddy's girl", and he's still recovering from the ultrasound. I am due in 6 weeks!
I have decided that I love having boys and therefore get to remain the queen of my house. Since I was in the middle of two brothers growing up, I'm familiar with all the smells and noises that go along with having a house full of boys. Because I am a girl, I am also familiar with the drama that goes along with raising girls and I am trying to convince Tony that girls aren't always "sugar and spice and everything nice". He doesn't listen to me. He still goes around snatching up all our friends' little girls and showering them with attention. Which I think is adorable :) They love him! Although, I'm not so sure it helps his "sugar and spice" theory.
It's so funny the things people will tell you about how they were able to choose which sex they were having. I have something to say to all of you...Some of these comments are personal people! And furthermore, did you know that at this moment in the world there are only a few more girls than boys? I know, because I asked my doctor. I think God is keeping everything balanced, and it doesn't matter what you "try" to have. God knows what is best. I'm glad He's keeping count :) Plus, think of how cheap life becomes when we claim to manufacture babies like candy, tennis shoes or Barbies where we get to pick the style, color or flavor? It really takes the miracle and mystery out of life. I wonder what God does when we try to take credit for His master piece, or when we say that we preordered ours? I think it is so hard for us to trust, and we invest so much into this life with hopes and dreams for ourselves that we can't even trust God who is perfect. I know I struggle with this daily when I get frustrated with the slightest kink in MY plans, or when I make everyone around me miserable because MY plans changed without MY permission. I hear this gets better with age...Let's hope so!

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Alicia Beth said...

Hey girl! welcome to world of bloggin g :) I agree that you have some awesome guys in your life.They are all wonderful and precious in their own way.I know the newest addition will be to.Again,welcome to blogging and keep us posted,k?

love ya,