Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Well, the waiting game has begun. I am due in 4 weeks, but like all fat, swollen, hot pregnant women, we really hope the baby decides to come early. However, I have not been this fortunate in the past. Both Riley and Cody were a week late, and I had to be induced. Of course we want our babies to be healthy, but by this time we are ready to carry them in the stroller instead of on our bodies! Sometimes it feels like my belly is going to rip right off and roll away. And it doesn't help when you can't go out in public without complete strangers saying things like "You look like you're about to pop!" or "Oh, honey...you poor thing!" and "You're only how many weeks?? You're huge!!" It's also equally annoying when these strangers feel the need to touch you...on your belly! I feel like saying, "Would you come up and rub my shoulder if I wasn't pregnant or give me a hug?" Of course not! Of course like the nice little pregnant lady, I just smile and keep walking instead of saying what I'm really thinking. I even had one lady stop herself before she spoke, and then she just started to laugh hysterically bent over her shopping cart. I'm really grateful to be an "experienced pregnant person" in these situations.
Despite the awkward social issues and physical discomforts, it's a very exciting time for the Hooper's. The boys are ready to meet Ty Daniel (Tony without the "o" "n" :). My dad's name is Danny. We are excited about beginning to raise another God fearing young man. Maybe he'll be a missionary or preacher or teacher. We pray that he will come to faith early and love God with all his heart, soul, mind and strength.

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